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How do I sign up for Healthfully?

  • In order to join Healthfully, contact your healthcare provider to send you an invitation to your email or mobile phone. Once you receive the invitation link, you will be prompted to create an account using the same email or phone number that system used to send you the invite.
    • i. Note that the invitation link expires once you’ve clicked on it.

What is the sign up process?

  • 1. Click invitation link sent via your email and/or phone number.
    • i. Enter the same email or phone number that system used to send you the invite.
  • 2. Create a secure password.
  • 3. Verify your personal information.
  • 4. Complete the sign up process.
    • i. Note that the invitation link expires once you’ve clicked on it. If you need to re-start the sign-up process, have your provider re-send you a new invitation. If you’ve already signed up and want to log back into Healthfully, type on your web browser.

What internet browsers does Healthfully work on?

  • 1. Google Chrome.
  • 2. Microsoft Edge.
  • 3. Mozilla Firefox.
  • 4. Safari.

I have already signed up, how do I login?

  • Go to on your phone, tablet or computer to login. Enter the email or phone number where you received the invitation and the password you created during sign up.

I input my username and password and “User with provided login/password combination not found” message appears.

  • 1. Please verify that you are utilizing the email or mobile phone number that the system used to send you the invitation to join Healthfully.
  • 2. If you feel you have forgotten your password, utilize the “Forgot Password” link and input the email OR mobile phone number through which you received the invitation for the app.

What is the Circle of Care?

  • The Circle of Care is a collective group of members of your Care Team, Family, and Loved Ones that care for you and help you manage your health.

I have been invited as a parent or guardian, where do I go?

  • As a parent or guardian, the invitation will come into your To Dos on your Healthboard. Log back into your account. Navigate to Healthboard, then to To Dos. Click on the invitation. Once you complete the invitation process, you will now have access to your loved one within Healthfully.

How do I invite a family member to join my circle?

  • Within the “My Circle” function, you have the ability to invite someone via text message or email to access your health information.

What is a Virtual Visit?

  • A Virtual Visit is a video chat between a patient, their healthcare provider and other support staff within a provider’s office. Virtual Visits in Healthfully will give you access to speak to and see a healthcare provider face-to-face without leaving the comfort of your home.

Where do I access my Virtual Visit?

  • 1. As a patient, you can quickly access upcoming Virtual Visit Appointments in your Healthboard. Once you are within the visit window (15 minutes), you can join by selecting the Start Visit button from your Healthboard or the specific Visit Details.
  • 2. When you press “Start Visit.” You will then be prompted to start the video chat.
  • 3. Please ensure that you select allow the “ to access your computer’s microphone and camera.” This will allow the video and microphone to function during the visit.

When I go to join the visit it says “You have already opened virtual room in other tab.”

  • This means that you already attempted or entered a visit during that session. Please sign out, close your browser and close opened tabs. Then attempt to sign in again and join the visit.

I can’t see or hear the provider(s), what do I do?

  • When in a Virtual Visit and you cannot see and/or hear the person on the other side, please ensure that you have sufficient internet connectivity. Video and sound quality issues are, typically, due to poor connection.
    • i. Try moving closer to the wireless router, or select another network or other means of accessing the internet.

I can hear my provider(s), but there is an echo.

  • There are few causes when you can hear an echo, whether your voice or someone else’s. First, assure that the volume on your device is not too high. Second, check to see if you have another Virtual Visit window open. Third, tell the provider that you hear an echo so that they can repeat the steps above. Other sound issues can often be resolved by adjusting the speaker volume and or mic volume – many problems occur when these setting are all the way up or all the way down. Try adjusting these to a middle or in-between setting.

I was disconnected from the visit.

  • If you get disconnected from the visit, simply log back into Healthfully and join the visit again.

My visit is over. What do I do now?

  • When your visit is completed, use the hang up button to close the window and you are finished. Be sure to finish any outstanding To Dos and retrieve any documentation that the provider may be sending through Messaging.

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