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How do I sign up for Healthfully?

  • In order to join Healthfully, contact your Healthfully administrator to send you an invitation to your email or mobile phone. Once you receive the invitation link, you will be prompted to create an account.

I have already signed up, how do I login?

  • Go to on your phone, tablet or computer to login. Enter in the email or phone number in which the invitation came and password that was created during sign up.

What internet browsers does Healthfully work on?

  • 1. Google Chrome.
  • 2. Microsoft Edge.
  • 3. Mozilla Firefox.
  • 4. Safari.

I have already signed up, how do I login?

  • Go to on your phone, tablet or computer to login. Enter the email or phone number where you received the invitation and the password you created during sign up.

What are My Circles?

  • 1. My circles allow provider-users to give another user access to their patients. Members of My Provider Circle will have the same access as the assigned provider within each patient’s profile. For example, a Physician may want their Medical Assistant to have access to the same patients as they do. To create a circle, select My Circles tab, and then under the Provider Circle title, select Invite New Member icon. Follow the instructions to invite a new provider member to your circle.
  • 2. It’s important to note that patient-users have their own circles called Patient Circle of Care. Similarly, the patient can include family, and loved ones in addition to their care team, to have access their information on the system so that can better support them.

Do patients need an account to join a Virtual Visit?

  • Yes, all patients that are interested in utilizing any functions within Healthfully will need to be invited and create an account.

What if a patient is not in my “My Patient” list?

  • 1. If it is an established patient, utilize the “Join a Patient’s Provider Circle” functionality under the person icon on the top navigation bar.
  • 2. If it is a new patient, add a new patient to the system via the “Add Patients to the System” functionality under the person icon on the top navigation bar.

Patient has not registered in Healthfully.

  • 1. Before adding an appointment for a patient or sending them a message you should check if the “patient has registered”. If the patient has not yet registered in Healthfully there will be a message “Patient has not joined yet” in a blue box along the entire top of the message box.
  • 2. If they have not joined please send them an invitation to join by pressing the “send an invitation” button and entering a valid email or phone for the patient. When you send an invitation, the patient will get an SMS or email depending on what contact method you used asking them to follow the link to register in Healthfully.
  • 3. If the patient is a minor see next FAQ on how to invite their parent or guardian.

What if the patient is a minor?

  • Simply invite their parent(s), legal guardian(s) or loved one(s) within the minor’s Family Circle. To do this select the patient who is the minor > See their detailed Profile > Circle of Care > Invite Family member.

What is a Virtual Visit?

  • A Virtual Visit is a video chat between a patient, their healthcare provider, and other support staff within a provider’s practice. Virtual Visits in Healthfully will give you access to speak to a patient face-to-face without the need for patients to physically go to your office.

Where do I access a patient’s virtual visit?

  • As a provider or staff member of an organization, you can access an upcoming virtual visit from your Healthboard (assigned/treating provider). If you are a clinical or support staff member looking to initiate or join the visit, navigate to the patient in the messaging tab and look under their appointments.

I can’t see or hear a patient, what do I do?

  • When in a Virtual Visit but you cannot see and/or hear the person on the other side, please ensure that you and/or the patient have sufficient internet connectivity. Video and sound quality issues are, typically, due to poor connection.
    • i. Prompt the patient to try moving closer to the wireless router, quitting any streaming
      programs/devices or select another network or other means of accessing the internet.

I can hear the patient, but there is an echo.

  • There are few causes when you can hear an echo, whether your voice or someone else’s.
    • i. Assure that the Microphone (input) volume on your device is not too high.
    • ii. Assure that the Speaker (output) volume on your device is not too high.
    • iii. Check to see if you have another Virtual Visit window open.
    • iv. Ask the patient to lower their volume, lower any background noise or mute themselves
      when they’re not talking.

I was disconnected from the visit.

  • If you get disconnected from the visit, simply log back into Healthfully and join the visit again.

Can multiple people join the visit?

  • Yes, Healthfully allows for 2+ users to join a virtual visit. This allows providers to include their clinical or administrative staff when appropriate.

Can someone join and leave the visit?

  • Yes. Once a visit is started, anyone who is assigned to that patient in Healthfully can join and leave the visit as needed.

How to complete and close out a Virtual Visit?

  • You need to confirm a Virtual Visit has been Completed. This will record the duration of the Virtual Visit in the appointment and will also authorize the payments for any payments previously made by the patient. To confirm a Virtual Visit is complete please go into the detailed appointment screen (which can be accessed by clicking on the appointment summary). There will be a complete button on the top right. When you press Complete the time of the Virtual Visit from Start to when you pressed Complete button will be recorded against the appointment and any payments will be released.

Where can I find completed Pre-Visit Forms?

  • Pre-Visit forms that have been completed by the patient can be exported as a PDF to your EHR.
    Select the patient in-context > Go to Notifications/Alerts tab > Click Review button for each form > Export to PDF. A PDF will be downloaded to your computer and then can be uploaded to any other application.

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