Bring Students, Faculty, and Staff Back to Work Safely…and Healthfully

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University and college administrators need a platform that enables them to create a safe campus for everyone. It requires more than just testing or tracing capabilities. The right platform fully supports creation and maintenance of COVID-19 policies and enables governance of a coordinated and consistent program. Healthfully’s back-to-school offering is your one-stop, comprehensive solution to bring back and monitor students, faculty, and staff with confidence. It is affordable and easy to deploy.

The Healthfully @ Work Platform

The Administration Dashboard provides the information required to manage, monitor, and minimize COVID-19 on campus. The dashboard is updated with real-time data as individuals use the app as well as with information sent by health providers and labs.

Key insights offered through the dashboard

  • Student/staff compliance with screening, physician visits, testing and isolation.
  • Individual and population-based COVID-19 health status.
  • Contact tracing and exposure assessment to work locations and individuals.
  • Case management, including workflow and policy management, assigned tasks, and case notes.

Students, faculty, and staff utilize the Healthfully app, which works on Web, iOS, or Android platforms for maximum reach and convenience.

The app is HIPAA-compliant and highly secure. It’s designed to enable each person to check his or her symptoms on a daily basis, obtain the education and support required, and connect with college health services, labs, and other resources to maximize safety and care.

Key functions of the Healthfully app include:

  • Daily self-screening and attestation.
  • A Hall Pass feature that displays on each individual’s mobile phone a time-stamped, red-yellow-green status based on the screening results.
  • Reminders, alerts, and workflow automation.
  • Workflow/integration of Provider/Secondary screening, orders, and upload doctor’s notes.
  • Workflow/integration: view test sites near me,
    get-inline for testing, and upload test results.
  • Moderated, school-specific COVID-19
    education and support communities.

The world is continuing to learn about COVID-19.
Healthfully updates its education and workflow recommendations based on the latest CDC and state health department guidance.


One-stop, comprehensive platform to address COVID-19 back-to-work and back-to-school.

Affordable and easy to deploy.

Saves labor cost in tracking, tracing, and other efforts.

Provides integrated workflow management to facilitate effective, consistent governance of your COVID-19 response program.

Helps maintain business and educational continuity and productivity.

Supports on-campus health centers and enables partnerships with area health providers.

Provides rapid response capability for everyone's COVID-related needs.

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