Our people

Healthfully’s commitment to unifying access, support, and rewards to optimize consumer health reaches across the care spectrum, benefiting providers and patients at all points.

Healthcare Organizations &
Care Providers
  • Offers one stop, secure platform for patient interaction, monitoring and engagement
  • Reduces IT complexity with platform that unifies or replaces existing apps
  • Helps achieve Population Health Management and Value Based Care goals
  • Increases revenue and reduces costs of care
  • Produces care delivery efficiency gains
  • Promotes customer satisfaction, loyalty and increased market share
  • Private label branding opportunity to further your consumer-centric efforts
Patients &
  • On-demand, convenient health services, from their home
  • Allows personalized access and frictionless engagement with healthcare system
  • Helps get and stay informed about health
  • Connects circle of care easily
  • Rewards small steps to better health
  • Drives lasting behavior change
  • Enhances peace of mind for family and others as they stay informed
  • Expands ability to connect with patients and health consumers
  • Removes care coordination barriers; through integration with all organizations in the care continuum
  • Increases organization’s visibility in the community
  • Offers a convenient and scalable way to deliver services through the platform
  • Streamlines referrals

Uses & Markets

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We will be exhibiting at the HIMSS 2020, Booth 573 showcasing our comprehensive, integrated platform that unifies access, support, and rewards to optimize consumer health.