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Healthfully @ Work — a comprehensive platform for safe, secure, and well-managed return

As the coronavirus crisis moves to the next phases and stay-at-home policies are relaxed, employers need a platform centered around patient engagement that enables them to create a safe work environment for all.

Through an intelligent combination of easy-to-use management tools and access to health services, the Healthfully app makes it easy to schedule testing, track results, and provide the ongoing support returning workers and students need.Healthfully focuses on patient engagement and real-time data so you can feel confident moving forward.

Covid exposure assessment designed for ease-of-use and patient engagement

The Healthfully @ Work Platform

The back-to-work offering contains a complete set of features for managers, administrators, employees, and students.

The Healthfully Employer Dashboard provides the information required to manage, monitor, and minimize COVID-19 in the workplace. The dashboard is updated with real-time data as individuals use the app as well as with information sent by health providers and labs. Key insights offered through the dashboard include:

  • Employee/student compliance with screening, physician visits, testing and isolation.
  • Workforce status to understand who is able to work, who is isolating, and who is undergoing or pending testing.
  • Exposure Assessment by location.
  • Management of best courses of action.

Employees, students, and others can all utilize the Healthfully app, which works on Web, iOS, or Android platforms for maximum patient engagement and convenience.

Healthfully is HIPAA-compliant, highly secure, easy to use, and centered around effective patient engagement. It is designed to enable each person to check his or her symptoms on a daily basis, obtain the education and support required and connect with healthcare providers, labs, community resources, and other services to maximize employee safety and care. Key functions of the Healthfully app include:

  • Daily self-screening.
  • Alerts and notifications for employer, employees, students, and providers.
  • Telehealth physician visits and lab orders.
  • Testing and lab results.
  • Secure messaging.
  • Exposure management and compliance reporting.
  • Isolation & quarantine support communities.
  • Employee education.
  • Real-time patient engagement.

The world is continuing to learn about COVID-19. Healthfully updates its education and workflow recommendations based on the latest CDC and state health department guidance.

Patient engagement tool on mobile device to check for Covid symptoms

Features & Benefits

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How it works

Gains access to ongoing data coupled with a defined plan and set of workflows to help your team manage:

  • Business risk associated with COVID-19.
  • Workforce availability.
  • Employee compliance with COVID-19 procedures.
  • Individual coronavirus exposure by location.


  • One-stop, comprehensive platform to address COVID-19 back-to-work/back-to-school.
  • Affordable and easy to deploy.
  • Promotes workforce and consumer confidence.
  • Helps maintain business continuity and productivity.
  • Enables employer partnerships with area health providers.
  • Rapid response to staff’s COVID-related needs.

How it works

  • Users learn about the importance of self-monitoring and safe behaviors through the Healthfully app and real-time patient engagement.
  • They answer a few quick questions daily to attest that they are not exhibiting symptoms and/or have not been to any hot spots within the past 14 days.
  • Healthfully survey algorithm determines if an employee needs follow up via doctor visit or testing.
  • Healthcare provider conducts online visit to confirm that a test is necessary. If so, the employee is tested the same day at a convenient location.
  • Those testing positive receive through the app:
    • information about self-isolation;
    • access to online care and check-in;
    • connection to virtual support groups.


  • Access all COVID-19 resources through one easy to use app.
  • Gain confidence and peace of mind that organizational support is available.
  • Stay educated on the latest COVID-19 prevention information.
  • Access helpful community resources for needed support to maintain health.


Healthfully @ Work is priced for affordability using a convenient per employee per month model.


Partnership Opportunities

The Healthfully @ Work platform provides an ideal opportunity for partners to create a packaged
solution with their own services to offer directly to corporate customers, schools, area businesses, and other employers. Partners can include:

  • Health systems.
  • Large medical groups.
  • Health insurance firms.
  • Employer benefits brokers.
  • Wellness services companies.

Start getting these benefits:

  • Offer a comprehensive new service line for COVID-19 return to work.
  • Leverage care experience your organization has gained during the crisis.
  • Generate goodwill and enhance community reputation.

Flagler Health+, a leading Florida health system, is using the Healthfully platform to offer businesses, school districts, and others a creative blend of technology, health services, and patient engagement as part of its Back-to-Work offering.

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