Unifying healthcare
for everyone™


What is needed...

Simplification, Unification, Personalization

Emphasis is shifting from treating health conditions to preventing them and creating wellbeing through consumer education, engagement, and behavior change. The benefits in cost savings and health quality promise to be enormous.

The only way to bring about such change is to create a unified environment where collaboration, support, and rewards all work in tandem for caregivers, patients, consumers, family, peers, and community members.

Partial solutions won’t do. We need to create a holistic, simplified experience with tools that integrate with people’s daily lives and deliver the right content at the right time and in the right way to improve their health and wellbeing. Technology should inspire people to set health goals, attain them, and celebrate their successes.


Unfortunately, there is a Solutions Gap...

As technology advances, the patient’s expectations for what he or she can do increases. The patient is no longer satisfied with a job partially done. The patient now expects holistic solutioning.

Available technology options generally fail to deliver an effective consumer-friendly platform because:

  • They are limited scope "point solutions", addressing specific health conditions, focused on one activity, or other constrained approaches.
  • They lack strong incentives and rewards, often failing to motivate small changes in service of larger ones.
  • They have no or limited social networking capability that consumers will use.
  • They tend to be fragmented - each organization has its own portal, for example, discouraging consumer use.
  • Key stakeholders such as community-based organizations are not involved.

Healthfully provides the holistic solution required that enables all health jobs to be done while also providing the access, support, and rewards to achieve lasting behavior change and preventive health.


Finally, the Right Solution...

Healthfully is an engaging, singular platform designed to simplify the healthcare experience for everyone involved in order to provide the care people need, the support they want, and the inspiration required to achieve better health. It is a comprehensive health experience platform for patients, families, providers and the community. It enables organizations to offer a range of valuable services in a consistent way.

How Healthfully is Unique…

Healthfully offers the necessary blend of comprehensiveness, broad participation, and timeliness to make the platform something people will use regularly as it delivers high value and high impact.

Our people

How It Works

Healthfully’s architecture provides the Integration, Data, Enabling and User Experience layers required to fit with your IT environment, unify or replace numerous applications, and deliver the functions and experiences for the entire circles of care of both patients and providers.

Users access the many Healthfully functions and services primarily through four main components, each of which supports the overall goals of enhancing collaboration, support, and rewards in order to improve individual health.

The healthboard is the home screen that provides a simple, intuitive view of the outstanding to-do actions and scheduled appointments for users or their family members. At a glance, they can also view personal or family member progress towards achieving their health goals. The “see a provider” function intelligently directs individuals to the ideal service destination for their specific issue. Users can schedule or get-in line for appropriate services whether it be primary care, a specialist, lab or imaging as well as video visits. Pre-visit documentation can be completed prior to any office visit streamlining the process for the customer as well as the care team.

Key features

A secure, real-time way for all participants to communicate and coordinate care. Enables connections between the consumer, the care teams, family members, peers and community organizations in an easy-to-use and fun format. Conduct centralized care conversations, interoffice communications, and collaboration with external partners.

Key features

Moderated, secure social communities to engage and inform, find and interact with community health and service organizations, collaborate with caregivers, family and others. Communities also make people aware of service offerings which improves patient acquisition and retention.

Key features

Remove friction for both the patient and the organization along the health journey by using Healthfully to automate patient scheduling, registration, intake and payments. Reduce registration time, reduce wait times. Healthfully has comprehensive support for patients to schedule or get in line for all services across a diverse health system, whether it be urgent care, primary care, pediatrics, lab, imaging or any other specialty service. Healthfully creates a consistent and simplified experience for these varied encounters.

Healthfully’s industry leading single unifying app and platform can be further integrated with kiosk and practice dashboard solutions to streamline workflow. Configuration is easy.  Pre-visit forms, reminders, tracking, automated patient surveys and performance management are included to provide a full-service solution.

Key features

Improve patient health and wellness, reduce readmissions, avoid unnecessary emergency room visits and increase patient satisfaction with Healthfully’s remote patient monitoring solutions (RPM). Monitor high-risk patients, better management chronic conditions, and help promote a healthy lifestyle. By unifying RPM within a single platform and app, Healthfully has transformed the RPM experience to greatly improve patient adherence and ongoing participation. Unnecessary costs are significantly decreased and re-admission rates are greatly reduced.

Healthfully combines individualized patient experience with a population health management approach.  Remote tools that enhance outcomes and the patient experience include configurable health programs, automated surveys, device integration, intelligent reminders, data driven notifications, online communities, and messaging.

Key features

A flexible application for complete health incentive management.  Administer goal setting, reward achievements, and maintain an active marketplace for both the organization and the consumer. The convenient platform adheres to best practices in health incentivization by allowing recognition of small steps by patients that lead to larger lifestyle changes.

Key features

Healthfully is the first platform to integrate social care with medical care. This is transformative for both the patient and the social/health care provider as each gains a holistic view of individual needs. That leads to better informed decisions to improve outcomes. In addition, care coordination and patient interactions are streamlined across payer, medical and social care.

Healthfully is used by health and social care providers across an entire community. It is practical for the largest and smallest provider. Build and scale your care network and empower every community organization to take action and accountability and track outcomes together. Patient Management, Referral management and HUD reporting. Remember, Healthfully is a single unified platform and app that the patient is also using. This provides easy communication and co-ordination with the patient and the ability to further streamline with many self-service options.

Key features

One of the biggest headaches in healthcare for IT, clinicians, and users alike is the lack of integration between systems and the consequent siloed information. Data fluidity and sharing is critical to the success of most applications, especially as care moves increasingly “outside the four walls” of the hospital. In addition, the proliferation of independent systems often creates a fragmented environment that is difficult for IT to maintain. 

Healthfully builds a Personal Health and Wellness record for each user combining feeds from existing clinical and administrative systems with patient-generated data and interactions. The Healthfully platform can be fully integrated with all necessary systems including:

  • EHRs
  • Enterprise Master Patient Indexes
  • Patient Financial Systems
  • Scheduling
  • Telehealth systems
  • And much more

Our integration capabilities including embedding the industry-leading Rhapsody integration engine technology, a high-performance interoperability platform designed for speed and scalability and includes built-in FHIR® support.

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We will be exhibiting at the HIMSS 2020, Booth 573 showcasing our comprehensive, integrated platform that unifies access, support, and rewards to optimize consumer health.