December 21, 2021

Getting Back to Work and School

Products and Solutions

How a Comprehensive Platform Can Help Ensure a Safe, Secure, and Well-Managed Return

With stay-at-home policies relaxing, businesses and schools are now faced with a new challenge. How to bring back employees, faculty, and students while maintaining a safe and secure environment for all. It is a particularly difficult task as COVID-19 laws, regulations, and protocols in the workplace and school can vary by the federal, state, and local level. Many employers and universities are finding a simple solution in the form of a comprehensive app. The Healthfully app contains a complete set of features critical for managers, administrators, employees, and students. It combines easy-to-use management tools with access to health services. It drives employee and student engagement while providing employers with valuable real-time data to make informed and timely decisions. Most importantly, the app is HIPAA-compliant, highly secure, easy to use, and centered around effective patient engagement.

Ensuring Workplace Safety Through Strategy and Engagement

Strategies for managing and containing COVID-19 cases center around four primary steps.

  1. Identify confirmed or suspected cases
  2. Isolate or quarantine the identified employees
  3. Investigate potential close contacts
  4. Inform individuals who had close contact with suspected or confirmed cases

The first step, identifying confirmed or suspected cases, is critical. However, most businesses and schools don’t have the processes in place to effectively and successfully meet this task. The Healthfully app is designed specifically to simplify this process by embracing convenience and maximizing engagement of employees, students, and faculty. The app provides organizations with the confidence to make critical decisions while also helping to ensure a safe environment for everyone. It delivers several key functions:

  • Daily self-screening
  • Alerts and notifications
  • Telehealth physician visits and lab orders
  • Testing and lab results
  • Secure messaging
  • Exposure management and compliance reporting
  • Isolation and quarantine support communities
  • Employee/Student education
  • Real-time patient engagement

How It Works

It starts with a quick survey. Employees, students, and faculty access the app via Web, iOS, or Android platforms. They answer a few questions and Healthfully’s survey algorithm determines if the individual needs to follow-up with an online doctor visit or testing. If required, the individual is tested the same day at a convenient location. To expedite the process, test results are delivered securely through the app. For individuals who test positive, the app provides information about self-isolation, access to online care and check-in, and connection to virtual support groups. Additionally, the app sends alerts and notifications to the business or school so the process of identifying potential close contacts can begin immediately. By combining data with a defined plan and a set of workflows, managers and administrators can better manage:

  • Business risk
  • Workforce availability
  • Employee/Student compliance with procedures
  • Individual exposure by location

Tools to Effectively Manage and Monitor Staff and Students

Effective COVID-19 management requires more than just testing or tracing capabilities. Administrators and managers need a platform that provides the information required to manage, monitor, and minimize COVID-19. The Healthfully app meets this need through a complete set of features designed specifically for leaders. The dashboard is updated with real-time data as individuals use the app, as well as with information sent by health providers and labs. Key insights offered through the dashboard include:

  • Employee/student compliance with screening, physician visits, testing, and isolation
  • Individual and population-based COVID-19 health status
  • Workforce status to understand who is able to work, who is isolating, and who is undergoing or pending test results
  • Contact tracing and exposure assessment specific to work locations and individuals
  • Case management, including workflow and policy management, assigned tasks, and case notes

The Healthfully app also fully supports the creation and maintenance of policies that enable governance of a coordinated and consistent program. The app updates its education and workflow recommendations based on the latest CDC and state health department guidance.

Bringing Employees and Students Back Safely

As employees and students return, all eyes will be on businesses and schools to deliver a safe and secure environment. It is critical for leaders to have a plan and tools in place to minimize disruptions, maintain continuity, and build confidence among employees, students, and faculty. By leveraging both technology and convenience, the Healthfully app is enabling organizations to achieve all three priorities. Healthfully is HIPAA-compliant, highly secure, affordable, and easy to deploy. It will enable your business or school to manage the many risks associated with COVID-19, including testing, contract tracing, workforce availability, as well as employee and student compliance with procedures.