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Fom initial intake, to delivery of care, to ongoing support - provide the digital experience patients expect. Choose the products below that suit your needs

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Healthfully Engage

Connect people with health & wellness services for optimal patient-provider engagement experiences.
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Care coordination

Connect people across health & wellness services, providing the best engagement experience for both patients and providers.
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Concierge access

Offer patients exclusive memberships to concierge services with increased access and convenience.
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Smart Screening

Digital forms and screening through the use of a Survey-Monkey-like administration tool.
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Deploy RPM to patients with a full suite of patient engagement tools.
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Urgent Care

Streamline pre-visit process for digital urgent care, enhancing patient experience and connectivity.
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SDoH Case Mgt

Empower a connected community of social service providers for improved patient Social Determinants of Health.
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Expand the health system footprint by creating convenient digital locations in pharmacies, schools, and other community locations.
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Intake and Registration

Enable patients to seamlessly register and complete patient documentation.
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Conduct HIPAA compliant virtual visits with your patients.

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Scheduling Appointments

Enable patient to seamlessly schedule visits based on provider availability.
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Patient Portal

Certified next generation portal that patients expect.

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Secure messaging

Send HIPAA-compliant instant messages to patients, office staff, providers, and communities.
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BI and Analytics

Includes a business intelligence for report generation and queries.
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Referral Mgt

Transparent inbound and outbound referrals for improved outcomes that patients expect.
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Who we serve

Our modular approach allows us to be a great partner for all type of healthcare providers. Our organization can support providers through various growth stages and adjust to their changing needs.
Our convenient setup and affordable pricing make us a great fit for all ,including:
Hospitals & Health Systems
Private Practices
Universities & Schools
Labs, Pharmacies & Testing Centers
Home Care & Hospices
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Extend clinical capabilities

Healthfully can help extend your organization’s clinical capabilities with an Online Care Network to help you become more successful.

Our platform supports a number of Online Care Networks in: Urgent Care, Care Coordination, Behaviour Health, RPM Care Mgt, SDoH Case Management.

Technology consumers expect

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Technology consumers expect

Healthfully platform is available on the Web, iOS App and Android App platforms. We support your branding, with your own URL and branded App in the Apple and Google App stores.


Healthfully integration platform supports EMPI, APIs, HL7, FHIR, & data services for integration with many EMR, EHR, HIS, ERP, Finance & BI/AI systems