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Fulfill your brand promise to the market by creating a customized, branded, digital solution that enables your unique service offerings. The Healthfully platform can be configured to help your organization become more successful, addressing everything from niche standalone needs to end-to-end processes that cover everything from intake to ongoing care delivery.

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Healthfully has taken a modular approach to addressing the problems of patient engagement and satisfaction so that their customers can deploy precisely the right capabilities needed to solve today’s challenges. Because of the technology’s flexibility, new capabilities can be deployed over time to address emerging challenges without re-implementations or compatibility problems. Rhapsody is happy to be part of their solution through its integration and identity products.

Drew Ivan

Chief Strategy and Product Officer,

Rhapsody Health

A photo of the testimonial author Drew Ivan

Healthfully's RPM module in their Patient Engagement Platform played a crucial role in saving a life by providing real-time vital sign alerts on out-of-range measures. This enabled the care team to quickly contact the patient and family circle, allowing a patient with atrial fibrillation to receive urgent care. The patient's daughter stated, "this remote monitoring saved my mother's life," demonstrating Healthfully's impact on improving and saving lives through patient care.

Dr Richard Castaldo

Medical Director of Palliative Care,
Niagara and Orleans Hospice

A photo of the testimonial author Dr Richard Castaldo

The Healthfully platform has resulted in more convenient consumer access to Flagler Health services across the continuum. It also reduced friction for both patients and providers. The user-friendly design, customization options, and analytics tools have enabled us to make data-driven decisions that enhance patient engagement. Additionally, the Healthfully team is responsive and great to partner with.

Gina Mangus

Executive Vice President of Strategy & Advancement,

Flagler Health

A photo of the testimonial author Gina Mangus

Healthfully has a comprehensive solution suite for patient engagement built on a strong foundation for health systems with heterogeneous EHR ecosystems. This is critical in providing consumers/patients with a consistent user experience across all venues of care.

John Moore

CEO & Founder,

Chilmark Research

A photo of the testimonial author John Moore
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Read more testimonials

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